Joe Regenstein, CPA, FPAC

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Based in the vibrant Dallas/Fort Worth area, I'm currently serving as a Sr. Manager in FP&A for Verizon, where I dedicate my professional energy to supporting the South East Region. My role is complex and ever-changing, reflecting the dynamic nature of the telecom industry.

In addition to my day-to-day responsibilities at Verizon, I've been investing time into a unique project: writing a book about managing work in process in non-manufacturing settings. This endeavor is a passion project of mine that blends my professional expertise with my love for writing and knowledge sharing.

Not one to shy away from a learning opportunity, I've recently immersed myself in the world of web development and Python app creation, inspired by the instructions from Derek Sivers. I've been honing these skills to further enhance my personal website, continually exploring the potential of these powerful tools.

On the personal front, I've reignited my love for running and cycling, two activities that offer both physical challenges and mental clarity. I'm also looking forward to exploring new territories this summer with a trip to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, a destination I've yet to experience.

Family remains a central part of my life, with my daughter embarking on dual enrollment classes and my son nearing the completion of his adult black belt in karate. Their achievements continually inspire me and remind me of the richness of life's various stages. None of this would be possible without a supportive Wife and loving Mother.

My current philosophy is one of diligent work and ceaseless learning. I'm especially fascinated by the recent developments in generative AI, and I'm actively learning how to leverage these tools to stay ahead of the curve. I believe in continually enhancing both my personal and professional skills, embracing the rapid pace of technology while staying grounded in my personal growth and family life.